Mary Maynor

Artist Statement

I think books are in my blood. When I was a young preteen I worked as a volunteer at a small neighborhood library. After reading numerous books in elementary school, I earned several certificates, including the Salt Grass Reading Trail. Art and books are visual and tactile. Each may tell a story, ask a question or hold an answer. And, my passion flows into bookart.

My path into mixed media began in the early 1990s with papermaking and bookart. I utilize a multi media approach; and, I hand make all parts of the book: paper, cover and language.


The Coptic stitch, one of the oldest devices in bookbinding, is my favorite technique and most often employed.In my work I continually explore nature and the spirit of the universe. Encaustic really excites me. The smells of the wax, and the clarity and intensity of color, in combination with the manipulation of multiple layers of materials, provide creative satisfaction. After completing a vision, the art piece comes together as a whole, and the feeling it gives me is pure joy.
Mary Randolph
Mary Maynor